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“It didn’t take long to start seeing results with Hipcraft’s service!  Within the first week, we started to see an ongoing stream of quality backlinks pointing to our website.  These links were from high-quality sites in our industry and the additional backlinks helps give our site a boost in the search engines!

Before going through Hipcraft, I was doing the link building myself– and believe me, some of the webmasters/owners of these sites are difficult to get-a-hold-of.  That didn’t stop the Hipcraft team, though!  CJ’s team does whatever it takes to reach a decision maker either on-the-phone or via email.  I know because I was often copied on email conversations as it pertained to industry-specific information.

Hipcraft always communicates in a professional manner, makes everyone in the deal look good and often delivers an update with new backlinks added during the week.  I’d definitely recommend Hipcraft’s link building service– good, dependable and responsible team all-around!”

Jason D.

Capsol, Inc.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is a link building service?

Link building is a common tactic used in search engine optimization (SEO) aimed at increasing external website links (from other websites) to “link” to your website, and a link building service helps you do this to achieve your marketing goals.  In theory, the more links you have pointing to pages in your website, the more likely search engines, like Google, will treat your webpages as trusted resources for certain keywords which tend to help you rank higher in search engine results (SERPs).

In practice, though, it’s a bit more complicated.  Over the years, search engines, like, Google have actually penalized websites for using such methods.  But, especially if you’re new to SEO link building, let me explain.

Search engines, like Google, penalized websites (with updates to their algorithm) by targeting websites employing spammy link building tactics.  These spammy link building tactics often involved a webmaster/marketer gaining hundreds, thousands or millions of backlinks from low-quality sites.  There was a time when these tactics actually worked to improve search engine rankings– but, not anymore!

Search engines now want to see you improve your rankings when you earn it– their search algorithms are becoming very smart.  Nowadays, it’s becoming common knowledge in the SEO Communities that high-quality content and high-quality sites are the way to go when pursuing your link building efforts.

So how do you earn links from high-quality sites?  Depending on how knowledgeable you are about SEO in-practice, you might be able to do some of the link building yourself!  Or better yet, you might have a SEO guru in-house whom can do your link building for you!  Regardless of your preference– link building is time consuming.  That’s why some business owners choose to outsource their SEO link building to a provider which provides link building as a service.

Why outsource link building?

Besides link building being time consuming, it’s also a bit of an art and science.  From our experience, link building tends to work best at scale.  By sending out only a few outreach emails each week– you might get some backlinks– but from our experience, that’s not really enough to move the needle.

At scale, we mean sending hundreds or thousands of outreach emails per week targeting high quality sites in your industry.  At scale, it’s somewhat of a numbers game, though, we continuously improve our processes to be more efficient and effective with each campaign.  If you can do this all in-house, then you might not need to outsource your link building!

Outsourcing your link building is a choice that only you can make.  If you enjoy reaching out to hundreds of people a day and attempt to persuade them to add your link on their site for you, then you might have it all handled.  Managers and business owners tend to rely on outsourcing link building to a company like ours when they’d prefer to be doing something else which might be more productive for their business.

Why should I consider your link building service?

There are a few key advantages that separates us from the pack.

  1. We do manual link building, only.  Though, we have systems in place to help make the process efficient, there is no substitute for old-school outreach and relationship building.
  2. We are data-informed and stay focused.  Rumor has it, there are shysters out there who will get you backlinks on unrelated sites and claim they’re helping you with your link building efforts.  Working with us, you can trust we will only focus-in on sites related to your industry and will have the web metrics to back it all up.
  3. We are transparent and responsive.  We don’t hide anything from our clients; we’re an extension of your team.  In addition, we are responsive.  When you email or call us, you can expect a reply within 48 hours guaranteed!
What are the prices for link building?

Pricing varies based on complexity.  Our agreements start with a low monthly retainer, and a nominal fee per qualifying backlink.  We work with you to determine your budget and expectations before starting a campaign to ensure you’re happy with the relationship moving forward.

From there, we develop a plan to ensure we have the correct amount of velocity to help you reach your marketing goals with link building.  Some clients want to cap it off at a certain amount of backlinks (in order to meet or exceed their competitors backlink velocity) while others prefer no cap in monthly backlinks.  These are important considerations for matching human resources to meet your specific goals.

Do you provide agency pricing for link building?

Sure, we’re down!  We promise to work with you to help you reach your clients’ goals.  Any non-compete agreements are also welcomed.  Feel free to reach out to us at to discuss more about your needs.

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