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The Performance SEO Solution for Campaigns

Finally, a quality promotion campaign service that is exceptionally effective at driving more online sales to grow your business systematically.

Performance Based SEO

Want advertising that guarantees results first?  Pay on results with performance based SEO service.

Aim for the right keywords

Your webpages should be positioned in search engine results for buyer-intent keywords.

Campaign with Legs

Imagine a promotion campaign that continues to strengthen even after the campaign cycle has ended.

Pay on results SEO Service

Drive Your Promotion Campaign with Performance-based SEO

Learn more why our game-changing search marketing technology is 10x better than the closest substitute for promotion campaigns!

As more customers onboard, a network effect is established.  With more data informing proper promotion campaign tactics that are actually working now in search engines, improvements can be executed locally or across the board.

Start With an Audit, End With a Result: Performance-based SEO Service

Let’s be honest: SEO Tools are expensive– that’s why people usually don’t choose to do their SEO in-house. Our performance-based SEO service works a bit different than our closest competitors in that we have standards we believe are win-win for both, you– the customer– and us (as a company).  Our standards for for SEO Service, include:

  • Start the first month no-strings-attached
  • Test-drive our service and then choose after a month– once the first month’s results have been delivered to you– whether you want to be a customer with us.
  • We don’t onboard new customers that haven’t received value from our efforts already.

In other words, it’s impossible to hire us and not receive any results.

Look around, and see if you can find any other SEO service which offers this for their clients!

Overview of Performance Based SEO

The way performance based SEO works is easy to understand.

Basically, you just provide us with a webpage you want to rank higher in search engines (usually a product page), and we rank that webpage higher in search engines each month.

At some point, it won’t go any higher (than the first position in search results), and then you can choose to either strengthen the ranking (which we do from our end) or start a new product promotion campaign for a different webpage.  Pretty simple, right?

Every month we work together and you’re subscribed for our service, you have 24/7 access to show you the progress through the ALIVE Reports™ Dashboard.  The ranking positions provide you with an objective view for how your advertising expense is positively contributing to your business results; there is no hiding.

The Pay for Performance SEO Solution

Pay for performance SEO is a simple concept, but its not for everyone.  If you’re looking for an SEO consultant to help you build your brand and “engage a following”, we’re probably not the best fit.

Instead, we’re systems people.  And our system is pretty effective at delivering the desired output which is higher rankings (in search engines), which results in more leads and customers for you.

Pay on Results SEO

We’re one of the only SEO Service you’ll find which specializes in optimizing your webpages for prospective customers and where you pay on results.  With our Rainmaker Customer Acquisition Engine, your webpage/s will be optimized for buyer-intent keywords for your product and service pages.

How many promotion campaigns could you find this useful?  Start with one, and we’ll recommend the next steps!

Matching System-to-System to Rank Up Fast

If you could match a promotion campaign with search engine algorithms, would it be worthwhile? 

You be the judge.

Do you own a website with webpages that you want to rank higher in search engines?  If so, and you’re within striking distance from outranking your competition, then you’re ready to start you campaign now!

Inspired by machine learning, we developed a promotion campaign solution to help you rank up fast in search results for buyer-intent search terms.

The SEO Solution Growing in Popularity

How could it be that this service became our most popular marketing package amongst small business owners all within the past 6 months?

Could it be:

☑ Business owners want to see results.

☑ Results should be delivered quickly and executed effortlessly.

☑ The results should deliver lasting business impacts with compounding effects for the future, along with the immediate gains!

If you want results first, and you understand the benefits that a performance-based SEO program can provide for your next campaign, then you’re ready to start your next campaign now!

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Performance Based SEO Services