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Current Plan


Per site/ month.

Does this describe you?

Hey, we’re a small business looking to get some more real visitors to our website so we can get more customers from organic search results.  How can you make this happen?

Access the SEO Platform 24/7 to see where your website is ranking in search results today for the important search terms you want to rank for.

On-demand reports as your site climbs up rank positions in search results so you can see the progress reports happening anytime you want.

Activate an army of fans (we provide you) on social media that will always share your site and promote you on forums, blogs and other relevant sites — which is designed to improve your rankings in search results.

Priority Support – schedule a strategy call with a well-trained SEO Expert that will help you understand the process in plain English.

For your convenience, you can provide your business details, including, your website URL after successfully delivering payment for your subscription to the Current Plan SEO Services Package.

Wave Plan

Call for Pricing

Does this describe you?

Look, we want everything offered in the Current Package– plus, we want buzz from social influencers, to be featured on more popular blogs and we want you to make it happen for us!

Done-for-you content creation of contributor articles that make you look good, links to your website, and is designed to improve your position in search results.

Get the contributor article we produce for you featured on a more popular website (DA30+) for more direct web traffic opportunities.

Ongoing manual outreach to bigger sites to get even better placements for your business in the near-future.

Access influencer marketing as we broker deals to get your links shared by social influencers.

Access 3x the social signals (than the Current Plan) which are all delivered in a natural flowing way so search engines assume you’re going viral and humans think you’re just amazing

Benefit from an additional guest post each month.  This one is aimed to strengthen your backlink profile and attract even more web traffic from search engines.

Get some more love for your monthly SEO campaign with more social mentions and social bookmarks which all provides a compounding effect over time, and proves you to search engines that you’re worth ranking


14  Keyword Research

14 Content Creation

14 Brokering Backlinks

14 Influencer Marketing

14 Guest Post Validation

14 Ideal for small businesses

14 Ideal for eCommerce

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Monsoon Plan

Call for Pricing

Does this describe you?

Listen, we want everything in the Wave Package, and we’re willing to pay you more to help us run ads and improve conversion optimization because we’re looking to grow fast now!

Done-for-you Onpage Optimization to improve your “Quality Score” (in Google Adwords) each month

Done-for-you Conversion Rate Optimization with new A/B Test creation, configuration and switch to the winning version each month.  This will help you to continuously improve your conversion rates (for both paid and organic search) every month.

Google Adwords and Facebook Ads Management so you don’t have to worry about eliminating costly negative keywords, and we can focus on maximizing your return.

Usability testing and user videos so we all can see how fresh eyes are interacting with the landing pages.  Webpages optimized continuously each month.

Are you looking for whitelabel SEO Services instead?  If you’re an agency, we love helping other agency owners deliver results for clients!

Search Marketing Philosophy for eCommerce

We are dedicated to providing value for our customers.  eCommerce SEO is often viewed as a longterm investment.  Results for eCommerce Search Marketing often provides a compounding effect as the results we deliver for clients each month compound each month we work together.

That is, the value we provide clients on Month 1 of service benefits them each additional month, while the service provided during Month 2 compounds from the efforts of Month 1, and so on.  This is one of the reasons why eCommerce companies that focus on organic search traffic for eCommerce SEO tend to rank high in search engines and stay there.

SEO is constantly evolving.  Tactics may change, but the deliverable that clients want are always results.  Results can be objective.  Where a webpage is actually ranking in search results is an objective number: this is the position in which a webpage is ranking in search results.  The deliverable we provide to clients is an increase in ranking position for the keywords they want to rank for.  When this occurs each month, clients benefit from improving their rankings and climb the search results for their desired keywords.  The exciting part is that the results from our efforts can be viewed in realtime.  This result is objective and can be viewed anytime by accessing our SEO platform.

Benefits Included in Search Marketing Packages

14 eCommerce SEO

Optimizing for search is in our blood now.  After a decade of experience, we’ve seen all the tricks.  We know which practices will work and keep you ranking.

14 Search Marketing Service

Just to be clear: we do the following– provide a SEO platform so you can view your keyword rankings, track and optimize to meet KPIs and provide an ongoing service which is designed to outperform your competition over time.

14 SEO Rankings Platform

We developed our own keyword rankings platform for you to access whenever you want to see the progress.  Unlike other agencies that send you a monthly report, if you want, you can keep a tab open in your web browser and see your live report 24/7 (or just check it whenever you want).

14 Right Tools

Let’s face it– premium SEO tools are expensive and they have a steep learning curve.  We’ve been testing, and now employ the best SEO tools on the market.  When we can’t find a tool we like, we make it (eg. see our SEO Keyword Rankings Platform).

14 Right Team

No one goes to school to learn SEO, and books are often outdated as soon as search engines implement a new change in the search algorithm.  Our team is on top of the game, and is always eager to find a way to make a positive impact.

14 Right Attitude

We’ll never give up on you: we don’t give up on people.  Being Search Professionals is one thing, but ensuring our team presents a winning attitude all the time, well, that’s genius-level talent right there.

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