Sales Funnel Templates

When it comes launching a sales funnel that is more than “an experiment”, it’s nice to start with a template. It’s even better when you’re starting with a template that has already had proven success in the market. That’s the only type of sales funnel template you can buy from us, at Hipcraft.

The sales funnel templates you buy from us have already:

– Been used in the real-world, and have a proven success record

– Come fully-installed and configured to output to your payment gateway hyperlink

– Designed from the bottom-up for tracking success so there’s no way to mess it up accidently

All you need to do is connect your credit card to turn on the flow of web traffic for new customers after it’s installed on your server!

Hipcraft Sales Funnel Templates

The Hipcraft Sales Funnel Templates are designed, built and optimized in-house.  When you buy an online sales funnel template from us, the only thing you have to do review and approve the marketing plan (sourced from the AI dashboard reporting) and connect your credit card.  The sales funnels go beyond “the template”– we don’t walk away until the system is in place and working.

Top of Funnel Content

Nurture your leads from the very start of your sales funnel.  At the top of the funnel, we offer

Middle of Funnel Content

You can systematically nurture your leads throughout the middle of the funnel, and sort the leads programmatically to the next stage in your funnel system.  

Bottom of Funnel Content

At the bottom of the funnel is where your actual offer will become present to the prospect.  This could be in a variety of forms, including:

– Your Purchase Page

– Online Meeting Scheduler

– Your Phone Number

– … and many more!

We encourage you to use our sales funnel templates as they have all worked successfully in the real-world, for businesses just like yours!  Now, you can access all of the profitable funnel templates by Hipcraft Agency.

Marketing the Sales Funnel Templates

You can create your own cashflow of income to your bank account with our ready-made templates.  We even offer a free template in our Simple Sales Funnel Guide that you can install and launch on your own server.  The other sales funnel templates that we sell are ready-to-go and be in operation as soon as you buy from us!

Funnel Template Resources

The sales funnel template resources we provide are vast in profitability and robust enough to implement and see results right-away!

We standby our template resources and funnel business consulting as it often has resulted in converting sales for the funnels we design and build.  Utilizing sales funnel templates is how a lot of small businesses with limited resources get their advertising funnel to positively affect the company’s bottomline.  The users you put into these templates will simply be guided throughout your funnel.  The bottom-funnel content will be designed to convert your hot prospects to customers as quickly as possible.

To show you the funnel templates too quickly, though, wouldn’t provide you as much value– since we may not know that our funnel templates are built-in to the software programs we offer for you to buy.  So before you get to the templates themselves, learn more about our Satisfaction Guarantee!

Funnel Templates for Sale Satisfaction Guarantee

You decide on your marketing budget moving forward. Check out the unique guarantees for our sales and marketing funnel templates available to buy only with Hipcraft!

Sales Pipeline Analysis

Analyze pipeline to improve sales funnel system, and push software updates so conversion-focused updates can reflect new systematic learnings from the network.

Access Sales Pipeline Updates

Due to how our designed was designed, we can continuously improve your conversion rates with software updates, and communication rewriting along with A/B testing results.

Sales Pipeline Management

Putting it all together and orchestrating such a complex process to output more customers is not for the faint of heart. Your IT Guy nor digital marketing person knows how to manage this.

Done for Your Sales Funnel Templates

You can align your sales goals with your done-for-you sales funnel template and program to accompany the solution.  The sales funnel templates we provide you will become your go-to solution for generating new customers online.  The bottom of funnel offer will become your own company’s offer.  You can track your funnel progress with our software solution today.  The messaging and marketing assets you need for the top of the funnel is done for you.  The middle of the funnel (messaging and programmatically converting to new funnel stages is built-in to the funnel software.  Just plug in your offer at the bottom of the sales funnel — only from Hipcraft Agency!