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This SEO Platform Provides Intelligent Search Engine Ranking Insights

Go with the Search Marketing Agency that is so serious we have our own SEO platform to help clients succeed!  The ALIVE Reports™ help you track your ranking positions in search results.

Monitor Your Website's Search Engine Rankings

We simply plug in the keywords you want to rank for in search engines and together we monitor the search positions.  Higher rankings usually net more web visitors and online sales for your business.

Monitor Youtube Video Search Rankings

With the rise in popularity of video marketing, we actually have used our SEO Platform to help you monitor your rankings for Youtube videos.  With Youtube being the second largest search engine, you can see which of your videos actually rank!

Monitor Competitor Search Engine Rankings

Regardless of your industry, we have incorporated competitor keyword ranking reports into our SEO Platform which allows you to actually track keyword ranking positions of your competitors.

Look ALIVE Reports

Access your keyword ranking reports whenever you want.  Now, you can see exactly where you stand in search engines and not have to wait until your other agency sends you a monthly report.

The Platform for SEO Insights

People want results.  When it comes to SEO, the most objective deliverable are your actual positions in search results.  If we can boost you from say, position 47 to position 20 in search engine results, would you call that progress?  What about if we can boost you to be on the first page?

All-in-one Online SEO Platform

You can access everything you need to track the ranking positions for your website all within your web browser of choice!  Review search rankings for specific webpages on your website of download your reports on-the-fly as PDFs or spreadsheets to further interrogate the data!

Would you like to take a closer look at our SEO Platform in action?

You can test drive the SEO platform to see the look and feel for how you will monitor the progress from search marketing services in the near future.