Sales Funnel Builder Program

With Hipcraft’s Sales Funnel Builder, you get a turn-key solution for sales funnel designed and market-tested to put leads in your sales funnel. Hipcraft is offering you the new way to build-out and fill your sales funnel with our unique integrated solution. From fully integrating sales funnel systems for local businesses to growing email lists for customer retention, we have the system to give you the right solution for your business.

Our strong relationships in the internet marketing industry provides you with an unparalleled level-of-service for your sales funnel campaign integration.

The system offers the most technologically advanced solution for continuously growing your leads and conversion optimization throughout the funnel. We work with the best-of-breed partners and vendors to ensure your funnel is designed in a way to attract and convert leads-to-customers in a standardized way for your business.

We provide fully-designed, built and market-tested sales funnels with content assets, configurations and tracking included into the system. Our team will work closely with you to ensure complete system integration is in place before calling the job done.


Perfect Sales Funnel Solution

The sales funnel system should be designed in such a way where the only random variable in marketing spend each month. When you’re marketing your sales funnel, you have options. Since the options for digital marketing continuously change over time, you can expect an optimized funnel based on real-world data when you subscribe to our sales funnel builder program.

With the sales funnel program we provide for your business, you will have a solution that is done for you. Our sales funnels continuously get better at converting sales as we apply ongoing conversion rate optimization techniques to the funnels that you can have updated regularly. It keeps getting better.


Automated Sales Funnel Creator System

You buy, we install on your server and update your software with new conversion-focused updates. Access other active campaigns for your sales funnel, and reap the rewards of the latest information from the network effects to inform your targeting with digital marketing.


Access Valuable Funnel Builder

Basically, you get the best of both worlds– the best funnel builder available plus the latest insights to improve your campaign for getting more leads into your funnel. You don’t have to wonder whether you’re doing it right?

Since the funnel is already designed for your particular type of business, and tested in the real-world, the next step is to install it. When we build-it-out for your business, the funnel is rebranded to your particular business beforehand. The next step is to install the system and ensure its working correctly.

You can trust our team to help implement the entire project from start to finish. Our project team professionally implements the entire solution on your behalf.

When you utilize our software and service for your sales funnels, you can also count on our ongoing support to ensure your sales funnel program has the most up-t0-date methods for getting more leads and sales– in the real world!

You need your funnel continually filled with new offers, updated verbiage for marketing, and new leads. With this sales funnel builder, you get all that plus more related offers for you to promote as your own for your funnel system.

The accumulated learnings sometimes provide disproporiate amounts in rewards. When new insights are applied quickly across the network, we can see which ones really move the needle up way more than expected.


Funnel Builder Components

Sales Funnel Software

Done-for-you solution to install on your marketing automation platform

Sales Funnel Templates

Designed for increased throughput of leads-to-sales for your industry

Simple Sales Funnel

We help you to fill your funnel– and keep it full of new valuable offers with our sales funnel builder program.

Marketing and Sales Funnel Service

 Continuously updated conversion-centric elements of the campaign ensure increased conversion rates over a period of time


What You Get

Responsive Themes

Full Customization

World Class Support

3rd Party Support

Updates & Fixes

User Roles

Robust Documentation

Built In Analytics

"The Facebook Ads worked great, and we've been getting a lot more customers because of the modernized system for marketing thanks to Hipcraft"

Judy H.

"You guys rock! This is the type of sales automation system we've been searching for and you guys are helping us reaching our goals this year."

Thomas P.

"When you said that more customers would come as a result of the digital marketing, I was hoping you were right! You were and we've hired more employees to handle the new calls thanks to you guys"

Dennis E.


“I got my funnel up and running in less than a week!”

This client utilized our sales funnel program, and went from o to 100 new leads in less than a month.

“I Tripled the size of my online reach!”

By starting with a slick funnel setup, we then drove a massive amount of targeted web traffic which helped her to get the exposure and new leads for her business.

“This is my one-stop-shop for all things digital marketing”

The program we setup provided an endless stream of new leads which many turned into new clients for her local company.

Funnel Builder was Built from Happy Customers

There’s no other way we could offer you a sales funnel to buy since we only sell market-tested sales funnels. The way we do this usually is by networking with a local-based company targeting a local market. Once we help to build-out their funnel and it’s working and just needs tweaking, we flip it to another similar type-of local business in a different location.

The Funnel Builder Difference

This is what you get with the others:

 You have to build-it-yourself. “Have to”, exactly. The closest you can get is a template, in which again, you have to do it yourself and then configure everything yourself in order to make it work IRL

 You have to configure it yourself.  Sure you can download some pdfs and an email drip list swipes, but you still usually have to login and configure that sales funnel system yourself, right?

 You have to continuously promote it.  How fun is it to spend a lot in advertising someone else’s website or subdomain? If you stop promoting it, the offer will weaken and then it’ll eventually fail.  If nothing else, promote your own asset– your website– in the process of building out your sales funnels with our agency

Instead, you could have everything done-for-you with our sales funnel builder pro service, which includes:

1. The funnel is built for you.

2, The funnel will be installed and configured for you.

3. The funnel is optimized with more data being reported from constant sales funnel programs.

The sales funnel speaks for itself– set-it-up right from the start and reap rewards for the life-of-the-offer.  Assuming, your sales funnel was setup correctly from the start, it’s up to you for how much to invest into your sales funnel campaigns.


The Slick Funnels

The best sales funnel you’ll ever see are the ones that are ultra slick. A slick funnel means it’s a slippery slope from lead-to-customer. Due to search intent of the user, audience targeting and the perceived value of the offer, slick funnels are starting to be monitored and measured just as conversion rates. With slick funnels, you’re looking for conversion within 30 seconds or less, on average.

Since slick funnels are always good at enticing users to take the next action steps in the funnel, the sales funnels that we employ utilize principles for ensuring the funnel becomes more slick to quicken conversion rates. When this is in place, marketing spends become more efficient.

Experience the Hipcraft Sales Funnel Builder Solution™

Shop and Buy Successful Market-tested Sales Funnel Campaign Programs

Get the entire software and solution installed and configured with your conversion webpage

Monitor the results of the campaign by receiving Google Analytics Reports

Choose how much of the profits to reinvest in the sales funnel campaign

Repeat the experience each month of growing a sales funnel without overthinking it

Solution Includes Software and Service

We don’t charge you an arm and a leg to license our software and completely installed sales funnel for your business. The sales funnel is designed– and tested in the market– to bring in new leads to your leadbase.

The Sales Funnel Builder Evolves

As you can imagine, no one can stand still. The sales funnel builder, though it’s extremely valuable at point-of-purchase, but it gets better over time. See, as more people run the same campaigns in their local areas, the network gets smarter at targeting audiences that you can leverage– automatically– without thinking about it. Apologies for the disassemblement of your marketing department, in advance.

Integrated Sales Funnel Systems

At Hipcraft, you can expect your sales to be set and ran like a smooth operation. We integrate solutions at every point of contact in the Buyer’s Journey for your leads.

To increase the throughput of leadbase to customers, our data from the network is going to work to update the software profram for your sales funnel.



Choose A Plan That Works For You

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