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Systematically take advantage of the latest algorithm updates in search engines, and get all the new customers you can handle with the search engine optimization (SEO) and marketing services for your next campaign. We excel as an expert eCommerce SEO company, and offer the following services for your customer acquisition:

  • eCommerce Keyword Research Strategy

    We can help you ensure that you’re targeting the right, buyer-intent keywords to make your campaign the most effective.  By aiming for keywords that are too generic, it won’t help you much in terms of business value.  You can trust that our eCommerce SEO experts will ensure that we’re setting you and your business up for success from the very start.

  • Technical on-page SEO Analysis

    Technical SEO involves reviewing your site, and identifying opportunities to improve the campaign from the start.  When there are glaring errors in your site architecture or formatting problems on the webpage we’re trying to rank, it might jeopardize our campaign.  This is because search engines heavily rely on the HTML code when it crawls your website– it’s not going to improve the ranking if other people’s webpages are similar, but are error-free.  We’ll help you ensure we’re all good to go!

  • Complete SEO Content Strategy

    To compete and win in outranking your competitors, we’ll need to publish some unique, relevant content to attract search engines and get your webpages boosted in search results.  For developing and publishing this kind of content, you can remain hands-off as we’ve got our methods to help implement the strategy.  No need to gain extra access to your blog.  This is all done for you in the background.

  • Competitor Analysis and Link Building

    Since your competitors might be using SEO techniques, too, we’ll keep a close eye on the competition and review their methods for improving their rankings.  We do this all systematically and methodically– this isn’t just a blanket statement “oh, we’ll check it out”.  In fact, we research your competitor’s backlinks and attempt to gain new quality backlinks for your site, all while improving your link building efforts across the board.  If you’re familiar with optimization techniques already, this is called “building natural links”.

  • SEO Progress Reports Available 24/7

    You can’t manage what you don’t measure!  From the very beginning we engage services, you’ll be setup with a SEO report to measure the progress from our SEO Campaign efforts.  The most objective KPI in SEO are the actual ranking positions for your keywords in search engines.  At Hipcraft, we developed a pretty sophisticated SEO platform so you can measure the rankings for your campaigns whenever you want.  You access this at no additional cost when your campaign/s start.  Most SEO Agencies only send you a monthly report.

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Search engine optimization and marketing go hand-in-hand.  Our optimizers closely align digital marketing techniques to positively impact your business and improve your search engine rankings, making Hipcraft the perfect search marketing solution. Our company integrates search marketing and analytics reporting from the beginning of the process to provide you with an objective view for how your SEO campaigns are performing in near real-time.  We utilize a variety of internet resources to drive new customers, specifically, to you.  Curious, would you be interested in getting some new customers?



The Hipcraft Approach to Search Marketing

The digital marketing strategies we tailor and implement for you will drive more sales and web visitors to your site so you can grow your business online.

Rainmaker Customer Acquisition Engine™

Level-up your search rankings when you are within striking distance from outranking your competitors.  Get the desired output, which is more leads and customers for you.  Learn More

ALIVE Reports™ Monitor Search Engine Rankings

Measure the effectiveness each month of the promotion campaign with the most objective KPI in SEO — the positions for rankings in search results. Learn more

Campaign Management Client Support

Access a representative via email or by scheduling a call during your campaign.  We are happy to answer questions and discuss your specific campaign which is being managed.

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