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The Guaranteed SEO Results You Crave For Your Next Campaign

It’s so cool when we can do certain things to certain words online, and deliver a massive benefit for your business!

We Help Winners Win More With SEO Guaranteed First Page Rankings

When you know search engine optimization (SEO) is valuable for your business, then we can help you win more.  Improved rankings are difficult to accomplish in-house, and cheap overseas marketing providers aren’t reliable.  When you show up high in search engines, more people visit your business online and buy from you rather than choosing your competitors.

If you have an existing website with webpages you want to show in search engines, and you’re ready to outdo the competition, then click here to start your campaign!

Unfair Advantage on Auto-pilot

Ranking high in search engines and getting all the web traffic gives your company an unfair advantage.  We can help you rank higher by:

  1. Measuring the demand for certain keywords (the ones your prospective customers are using to find your business).
  2. Develop a promotion campaign aimed to boost your webpage/s in search results for those certain keywords.
  3. Do this all at no cost to you in order to improve your rankings before you pay for SEO services.  Proof is validated with the reports delivered.

Is there demand for your products and services in the search engines?  Are you already ranking on the first page of search results for all the valuable search terms people are using to find your type of business?  If not, your website might be stuck and invisible to your prospective customers.

Now you can show up higher in search results and stick there!  You can grow fast organically with Hipcraft.

Why We’re Selective About Our Clients

We guarantee you higher search rankings before you pay for SEO.  That’s how we built our performance-based SEO service, and how we keep customers happy.  When ranking high in search engines is an absolute must, and you no longer want to see your marketing dollars go down the drain with pay-per-click advertising, then you need a vehicle to get you to where you want to be.  The vehicle we offer is a promotion campaign with guaranteed SEO results.

If you understand the value of Off-Page SEO and the benefits a search marketing program can benefit your promotion campaign, then learn more about our SEO packages.

Unique Capabilities for SEO With Hipcraft

Out of all the valuable webpages on your website, which webpage is the most important and will likely drive the most business value?

Once you start the campaign, we’ll monitor the competitive environment because there might be competitor webpages that are outranking your webpage for the campaign.  Have no fear, we’ll reverse-engineer a solution so you will likely outrank your competitors for each campaign supported by Hipcraft.

Learn more about Hipcraft’s customer acquisition system

Rainmaker Customer Acquisition Engine™

Level-up your search rankings when you are within striking distance from outranking your competitors.

Learn more about Hipcraft’s SEO Platform

ALIVE Reports™

Measure the effectiveness each month of the promotion campaign with the most objective KPI in SEO — the positions for rankings in search results.

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Our Guaranteed SEO Service Reviews

Don’t just take our word for it.  Check out the word-on-the-streets about our SEO service benefits!

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Starting New Campaign

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By using our performance based SEO service coupled with our SEO platform, you can get ahead of the competition and get all the new customers searching for your products and services online!

Steps to set-up your campaign with Rainmaker Customer Acquisition Engine™ System:

  1. Specify the webpage for improved rankings.  This is the target for the promotion campaign.
  2. You will be granted access to a rankings report dashboard to measure the improvements in ranking positions for your campaign.
  3. Automatically receive updates from our team on a regular basis.

You can become one of our first 1,000 users, and you can get results before signing a contract.  Want in on this while the limited-time promotion is available?

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“Search rankings improved dramatically for our eCommerce site from the first month starting the campaign”