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The Performance SEO Solution for Campaigns

Finally, a quality promotion campaign service that is exceptionally effective at driving more online sales to grow your business systematically.

Performance Based SEO

Want advertising that guarantees results first?  Pay on results with performance based SEO service.

Aim for the right keywords

Your webpages should be positioned in search engine results for buyer-intent keywords.

Campaign with Legs

Imagine a promotion campaign that continues to strengthen even after the campaign cycle has ended.

Performance SEO Promotion Campaign Service

Drive your promotion campaign with performance-based SEO.  See why our game-changing search marketing technology is 10x better than the closest substitute for promotion campaigns with SEO.


Month 1

Start with an audit; end with a result.  From the first month, you will see significant increases in business value.  Receive a keyword rankings report to access throughout your campaign!


Month 2

Based on your business and the amount of customers you can handle, you’ll be set with a sound plan to help you reach your promotion campaign goal!


Month 3

We’re helping you to match system-to-system to rank up fast!  Inspired by machine learning, the promotion campaign is pretty effective at delivering the output, which is more customers!

EPISODE IV - Attack!

Month 4

Could it be that your competitors are catching on to the rapid improvements of your rankings in search engines?  No worries, we’ve got you covered!


Month 5

With the eye on  the prize, we’re rapidly climbing the ranks for your site in search engines.  It’s only a matter of time until the highly-prized first page rankings will be yours!


Month 6 (and beyond)

Welcome to your new life.  How’s it feel to be on top?  You can reap the benefits of the campaign for as long as you like from this point on!

Let's get it. Make it Rain!

Are you ready to start a performance-based SEO promotion campaign now?

Your story starts from where you are now.  Success will be determined by your growth from this point on.

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Want to know where to hide a dead body?

Go to Page 2 of search results.

At the top of search results is where most people will find your website, and do business with you.  This is when you truly grow.

Winners Only

Win more and end up at the top of search results.

If it wasn’t for the competition…

You’d probably already be at the top of search engine results for all the relevant search terms tat your type of customers are using to find your type of business!

Start a Simple Campaign

 Hipcraft, we have an assignment for you guys.  Help us outrank our competitors so we can get more of the search traffic coming in from the search engines.  Pricing should be fair, and results should be guaranteed.  Run a report and email me details before starting.

Let’s start this today.

Your competition is likely winning all the new business from new customers because they are on top of the search engines, and they might be using a SEO Company to help them do it.

BONUS TIP: Want to understand your superpower when using Hipcraft?  You can level-up your business website by starting a promotion campaign.

How would your life change if you could count on an endless stream of new customers coming to you because you are ranking high — organically — in search engines for all the search terms your prospective customers are using to find your type of business?

Want to join the Leaderboard?

Start a campaign faster than learning how to use a joystick.  See an ALIVE Reports Demo!

How would your lifestyle change if you didn’t have to rely on referrals coming through (lack of timeliness) nor deal with the rising costs of pay per click advertising ($$$$$) for growing your business?

When you think of your website as an asset for your business, then you might be wanting to build more value into that asset over time…

In case you might want to sell your business in the future, at least it would be worth something more beyond the balance sheet!

Only 10 webpages make the cut for first page positions in search engines, and the big dogs like Yelp and HomeAdvisor are getting some of those positions, too.  Will your website make the cut for guaranteed first page positions?

Guaranteed SEO Results

Winners win more new customers when they show up at the top of search results!

How many prized new customers can you get by showing up high in search results during the life of your business?

Being at the top of search results is often due to applying search engine optimization (SEO) techniques for a website.

We didn’t choose the “SEO” naming convention.  Instead, we’d rather focus on what people really care about: results.

Did you know that 95% of search engine users never go past the first page of search results?
 Roger that.  Let’s get started now!

We Help Winners Win More With SEO Guaranteed First Page Rankings

Results are the only thing that matters for us at Hipcraft.  We aim for the business intersection, moving the needle.

You get to access more of the demand for people searching for your type of business when we deliver the results for you each month!

The most objective KPI in SEO is keyword positions in search engine results pages (SERPs).  The results that Hipcraft brings will improve the keyword positions for all the valuable search terms that matter for your business so you can have solid placements at the top of search results.

When this happens, you show up for all the high-demand search terms that people are using to find your type of business in search engines.  In the process, you have a way to measure the progress of the SEO efforts by tracking the keyword position changes for all the important search terms you want to rank for in search engines.

At some point, you can’t rank any higher than the 1st position on Page 1 of search results.  This is when we strengthen the position so your competitors can’t outrank you!

Even if you had a monopoly business, you still have to be aware of competition that is trying to outrank you.  That’s because anyone can aim for the same keywords you’re aiming for– not only the competition.

The winners know this and rely on a service like ours to help reduce or eliminate the threats of being outranked!

Are you within striking distance for outranking your competitors?  Beware of shady companies; that’s why a lot of people lost trust with other SEO agencies in the past!

Ask 10 different webmasters “how to do SEO” and you’ll get 10 different answers.  In contrast, the framework that Hipcraft brings you helps you to show up higher in search results and remain at the top so you can get the business before customers consider your competitors.  That’s how Hipcraft keeps customers happy.

Out of your top 100 favorite people in the world, approximately 95 of them will never go past Page 1 in search results.  When their friends search for your type of business, are you showing up on the first page?

Why It Works

To begin ranking high in search results, you start with an SEO Campaign, first.  The SEO Campaign focuses on a certain set of keywords that your website is already ranking for, though, you might not be aware of these types of keywords, yet.  With the premium SEO Tools that Hipcraft provides, you can discover which keywords to choose in order to boost the SEO results for your site so you can just focus on handing more customers.

That’s why companies looking to boost their SEO, count on us to run a report for identifying ideal keywords to rank for before starting a campaign.  Want to run a free report?

For starting an SEO Campaign, a performance based SEO service like ours is becoming a more popular option.  Why would you pay someone to do something if you don’t get results?

It’s simple to understand, really…

If you’re ranking for a search term, but you’re showing up for that search on the 5th Page of search results, there’s an opportunity right there!

You’re basically dead if you’re not ranking on the first page for all the relevant search terms you want your website to rank for.  Hipcraft can help you look alive, and actually show up on the first page of search results!

Can you help us rank for new search terms, too?

There’s multiple ways to work together.  If you’re not ranking for the keywords you want to rank for, we can help you integrate a solution to help you rank for the search terms that you want to show up for in search engines.

How will you know where you stand if you don’t request a free SEO Report to audit?

Success is pursuit towards a worthy goal.  What’s the lifetime value of a customer for your business?

Every day, more people are relying on search engines to find companies, like yours, to do business.  Search Marketing is all about targeting the market on search engines.  What’s your strategy?

Faith without works is dead.  Power must be recognized, embraced and applied.  Without action, there is no progress.

Growth is purposeful.  Change is inevitable.  Will you affect change or be affected by changes in the marketplace?

About Search Marketing with Hipcraft

For the past couple years, our small SEO firm transformed into a productized service: want to buy guaranteed higher rankings in search engines?  Learn more>> About Hipcraft

This transformation enlightened us to a practical approach for boosting webpage rankings for practically any type of business.  Would you like to know the formula?

How It Works

At a high-level, think of the three pillars of SEO:

  • Pillar 1: Keywords
  • Pillar 2: Content
  • Pillar 3: Links (pointing to your site, coming from other people’s sites)


If we know the keywords to rank for, then Hipcraft can develop the content and get the links to actually help you rank higher for those keyword search in search engines!

Of course, there’s more to it than that, but a lot of people don’t realize that we can do certain tweaks to certain words on websites to deliver a massive benefit for your business!

What have you been waiting for?  A great search marketing strategy will get you more customers from search engines.

All you need is an extension to your current team.  At Hipcraft, we work as an extension to your team, and do all our work for you in the background.  When you work with Hipcraft, you get an unfair advantage on autopilot.  Besides the flow of new customers coming in from improved rankings, you can track the progress whenever you want with our complimentary SEO reports for your campaigns.

What separates us from the pack is that we’re performance based SEO (results-oriented).  We do all the work for you, and you an track the live reports 24/7 to see the progress in action.  Most SEO agencies just send you a monthly report prior to billing you again.

We’re Selective About Our Clients

Judge us by the results we bring you.  If you’re not happy with the results, you can get a refund.  We only want to work with happy people.

Our Reviews Are Real

Get real results real fast!  We thank our customers received the promised benefits from our SEO Service and left us with 5-star reviews!

Network Effects

Because we deliver results on a monthly basis, we’re quicker at applying the winning strategies and implementing quick-wins for clients across the board!  How much do you really know about ranking webpages nowadays?

Are you ready for growth?

Improved ranking positions in search engines aren’t for everyone.  Getting improved search rankings are unpredictable when you first get to the first page, and you’ll need to prepare yourself for being able to handle all the new customers!  Ready to simplify search marketing?

Performance Based SEO Services