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Local Business Marketing Solutions

Customer Acquisition Funnel

It don’t matter how the customers come in, as long as the customers keep coming in.  Well, with the exception for having the insights and improving the targeting capabilities to further optimize the funnel in order to bring in more customers!


Let’s set the right expectation and answer all your questions.


Funnel and replenishment designed for your types of customers.


Custom branding to make you look like a rockstar to your customers.


Prospective customers in your local area are targeted with marketing.

Customer Acquisition Strategy and Solutions

At Hipcraft,you can trust that all of our marketing solutions are constructed in such a way to deliver more customers for your business!

Here are a few of our right-there solutions…

Social Media Marketing

Fill your funnel with targeted web traffic from social media platforms. Most businesses blow their chances to get sales or just execute awful campaigns.  You can stand apart from the bunch with social media marketing targeted to convert customers for your business!

Sales Funnel Installation

If you don’t already utilize a high-converting sales funnel for your business, then you’re missing out.  We can develop a funnel for you, install it and configure everything for your business.

Local Maps SEO

Show-up at the top of the maps search results when people search for your service in search engines. Each month, you can review the progress as more people will find your business in GoogleMyBusiness, request directions on their mobile phones and call you directly.  

Pay Per Click Retargeting

Now you can provide targeted promo offers to individuals that already visited your webpages. We’ll set you up for success to continuously bring-in existing visitors to become your regular customers!

A la Carte Services

Access specialty services just for your industry, including, Facebook chatbots, lead magnets and more that have already been developed for you! Take a look at our industry-specific solutions for more details.